My name is Peter Gibbs, and I am the founder and chief content editor of turntablemax.com.

My passion for the Electronics field started in childhood and everytime I found a device to malfunction I was curious to diagnose the faults. And that’s how my love for this field grew.

When I finished school in 2010, I had no idea what I wanted to study, so I took a gap year in 2011 as a teacher’s assistant.

Eventually, through various opportunities of working with the music department, I discovered my passion for music education. Coming from a musical community in the country, I was keen to spread my wings and study music education in the ‘big smoke.’ And I got my degree in Bachelor of music (Electroacoustic Composition Music) in 2016. I also received a scholarship to be the Convenor of Chamber Music Program at Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts. I’m not done with music just yet! I want to undertake more research at the University of Southern California.

What do we do at Turntablemax?

Turntablemax is a dedicated site created to help new and experienced music lovers to enjoy their journey in vinyl and home stereo systems.

Driven for a long time by a real passion for music and high fidelity, I have decided to share our selection of the best turntable among the most prestigious and representative brands on the market. Here, you can find advice on buying the right vinyl equipment, setting it up, maintaining it, upgrading it, and modifying it.

Our core values are to give honest, unbiased reviews and suggestions on turntables and record players. This site will help you get the most out of your hobby and passion, thereby avoiding unnecessary mistakes or spending more money than necessary.

The main motive behind Turntablemax is to become the most helpful and trusted vinyl and record player recourse online.

For more details, contact us: petergibbs0489 [at] gmail.com