Best Record Cleaning Fluid For Instant Cleaning

Do you have a habit of collecting vinyl records? Whether you’re new to the vinyl craze or you’re an old-school vinyl expert who’s been building up a steady collection for years, you probably know that vinyl has built up a reputation lately.

There’s a glamour associated with vinyl, and if you’ve got a record player at home, chances are your guests will be fascinated. But there are the not-so-glamorous aspects of owning an extensive collection of vinyl too. Maintaining your vinyl collection is just as important as how good your whole setup looks and sounds.


So, let’s talk about record cleaning fluid. Now, it might not be the most exciting thing to consider when you think about your vinyl collection. But you have to believe that once the record is ruined, your music is gone. If you have ancient records that have been passed down to you by your parents or grandparents, you’ve probably got quite an aging collection on your hands.

It’s not just the old records that need cleaning, though. Every record needs some upkeep because any dust or dirt that falls on the surface of the record could affect your listening experience. If you don’t clean your records regularly and keep them nice and shiny, don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of surface noise when you play them.

So, let us help you maintain your records. Here are some of the best record cleaning fluid products available, made specifically for vinyl.!


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RECORD-HAPPY + best record cleaning fluid


  • 6.07oz/200ml bottle should last you a while
  • Quality, alcohol-free formula
  • Recommended for deep, patient cleaning
  • It comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth designed for vinyl
  • Easily removes dirt and dust
  • It can be used for any album
  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied

It’s a good sign when your record cleaning fluid comes courtesy of a brand called Record-Happy that sells all manner of vinyl-cleaning paraphernalia, from brush kits to maintenance sets. And, of course, they’re also selling some of the best record-cleaning fluid available on the market. A 6.7oz bottle costs you roughly $15, which is absolutely worth it for the upkeep of your vinyl collection.

Record-Happy makes a high-quality, alcohol-free formula that will not do any damage to your records, and it just takes a few seconds of rubbing to make your records look nicer, shinier, and cleaner. Although this is specifically made for LP albums, you can use this cleaning fluid on any album you have. Rub the record gently with a cloth in a circular pattern, and make sure you clean the grooves properly.

The good news is, even though this is an effective product for getting your vinyl records clean if you happen to be unsatisfied with the product, Record-Happy promises a full refund, no questions asked. This is well-suited for DJs who need to keep their collection in tiptop shape or even for vinyl connoisseurs who want to preserve their records for as long as possible.


  • Affordable
  • The bottle has a pump spray for convenient use
  • Great for reducing surface noise
  • Microfiber cloth can be used to clean other devices
  • Ideal for cleaning old records


  • The microfiber cloth is a bit small


LASERMEDIA VNC-8 OZ + best record cleaning fluid


  • Made in the USA
  • No harsh chemicals in the formula
  • Pure water base
  • Fungistatic surfactants help to remove dirt
  • A clear dye that leaves no residue
  • No post-rinse required
  • Microfiber cloth not included
  • 8 Ounce Spray Bottle

This is a professional formula from Lasermedia, and it’s used by archives that keep record collections across the US, so it’s quite effective. If professional archivists use it to preserve their records, you can bet it’s worth the investment. However, it’s not much of an investment either.

It’s an excellent deal! At around $17, you get a bottle of 8oz VNC-8 fluid cleaner. If you’re looking for the best record cleaning fluid that the professionals use, look no further.

The formula is specially mixed and optimized to clean your records thoroughly. The VNC-8 uses pure Poconos deep-well water and doesn’t include any ammonia or alcohol in the procedure. The purity of the formula ensures that there won’t be any residue left on your records which you’ll have to wipe off, as there are no heavy chemicals used in the formula.

This blend was developed in collaboration with the Chemistry Department at Cornell University, so there’s an academic backing to this. This will be a very effective cleaner for your records and will help reduce any groove distortion when you play the vinyl. If you want to get what the experts use, you won’t do better with the VNC-8 from Lasermedia.


  • Ammonia and alcohol-free
  • Used by professional archivists
  • Biodegradable formula
  • It leaves your records looking new and shiny
  • Drastically reduces surface noise


  • You will need to apply it a couple of times for older records




  • Record cleaning kit with brushes included
  • Cleaning fluid is alcohol and ammonia-free
  • It comes in a spray bottle
  • The solution is anti-static
  • 2 in 1 record brush included
  • Flannel pouch provided for easy storage
  • A compact and versatile kit

You might be thinking, why can’t I just buy a whole kit that will handle the vinyl instead of only a cleaner? Well, you can, but it depends on the brand. Kitson is a trustworthy brand for sure, and their record cleaner kit is just a little over $10. That’s hardly a drop in the ocean when you think of how much you’ve spent on your vinyl collection, and it’s well worth the price of keeping your records spick and span.

So if you want a brush thrown in with the cleaner, this is the best record cleaning fluid available for you. The bottle itself contains 1oz of cleaning fluid, which can be stretched to last a while. It’s Kitosun’s exclusive formula and is not just good for vinyl but can also be used for CDs and other records. It removes all impurities easily, including oil and fingerprints.

And of course, the addition of a brush at this price makes this kit a real bargain. The record brush contains velvet fibers for gentle cleaning and cleans your records without scratching or doing any damage.

Another smaller brush is included specifically for cleaning your turntable’s stylus, which can also accumulate a lot of dirt. Kitosun has also included a clear plastic cover so you can store the brushes when you’re not using them.


  • Very cheap, real value for money
  • Great for cleaning older records
  • You can clean the vinyl and also the stylus
  • The fluid dries quite fast
  • It leaves your records looking good as new


  • Instructions should be clearer




  • A 2fl oz/60ml bottle
  • Clear cleaning fluid
  • Made with a scientific formula
  • Removes dirt and fingerprints
  • Will enhance record fidelity and also tracking
  • Increases the life of your records
  • No other accessories included

Audio-Technica sells a lot of audio equipment, from turntables to headphones and microphones. If you’ve bought anything vinyl-related online, you might have heard of them already. So you can trust their cleaning solution.

It’s meant to be used in conjunction with their AT6012 record care kit, but you can just use it on its own, too, if you don’t have their kit. The results will be equally effective, as long as you dedicate regular time and energy to cleaning your vinyl.

The Audio-Technica record cleaning fluid is a scientific formula that will focus on removing micro-dust and other contaminants and will also get rid of fingerprints and any static you might experience while playing the records before cleaning. You can also use it to clean the stylus. You should restrict your use of this cleaning fluid to LPs and EPs, as presumably it’s only been tested on those.

So if you were looking for some all-purpose cleaning fluid, this isn’t it. But it should be able to clean your vinyl very efficiently, and a 60ml bottle will last you a long time. The bottle has a flip-top spout, although a spray might have been more convenient. But it’s an easy sacrifice for such a good formula.


  • A very safe and thorough cleaner
  • It cuts down on record pops
  • You’ll see a marked difference post-cleaning
  • Improves the sound quality of your records
  • Alcohol-free


  • Could provide more quantity for the price


PURE VINYL + best record cleaning fluid


7fl oz/200ml bottle

  • Efficiently removes grime and dust and also fingerprints
  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Anti-static
  • Carbon fiber brush included
  • 8×8 microfiber cloth included

This bestselling record cleaner from Collector Protector is a great choice for tidying up your vinyl collection, and you can get a 200ml bottle for around $15. This might seem a little expensive for some cleaning fluid, but not only does the bottle come with a microfiber cloth, but you also get Collector Protector’s cleaning brush.

So it’s basically a kit for $15, which isn’t a bad bargain at all. Also, the brand assures us that there’s no extra cleaning required after you’ve wiped down the records with the cleaning fluid. The fluid won’t leave any residue, so once you’ve cleaned the records, the fluid should dry quickly, and no further water rinse is required. Buying this is also a great way to support small sellers!


  • The fluid dries very quickly
  • Enhances sound quality
  • Brush and cloth are included
  • The bottle comes with instructions


  • Fluid has to be cleaned quickly, or there might be residue




  • White Spin-Clean bottle contains 16oz of cleaner
  • One capful of fluid is the recommended amount
  • Can clean 50 records several times
  • It can be used with the Spin-Clean washer system
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Any post-cleaning should be done with distilled water

Spin-Clean is a USA-based brand that specializes in producing high-quality record cleaning fluid. Their patented MK3 mix is particularly popular, and that’s the one we’re recommending here. Spin-Clean started hand-assembling and selling their products back in 1975, and it’s been successful since then.

The brand has been recommended by top DJs and vinyl professionals, so if you’re looking for an expert cleaner, this is the best record cleaning fluid you could go for. The price might be a little steep at first (it’s around $20), but actually, you’re getting a 16oz bottle. Imagine how long that could last!

You don’t have to keep replacing tiny bottles. This single bottle could last you months on end if you ration the fluid carefully. However, if you’d prefer to try out a smaller bottle, Spin-Clean has several options from 4oz onwards. They have a 32oz bottle as well. You will only need to use one capful of fluid at a time.

The MK3 formula comes in a simple white bottle and can handle up to 2800 record cleanings (if you’re using the 16oz bottle). It doesn’t use any harmful agents and is alcohol-free. It can easily handle any dust. Wait for the records to dry completely before you play them.


  • Gentle and thorough cleaner
  • Spin-Clean provides a large quantity
  • Good for cleaning records in batches
  • Very useful for old records
  • Leaves no residue


  • Can create issues if accidentally overused


RECORD RESCUE + best record cleaning fluid


  • 200ml spray bottle
  • Dries quickly without residue
  • Efficiently tackles dust and dirt
  • Anti-static
  • Fluid must be left for a minute to get into microgrooves
  • 8×8 microfiber cloth included

Record Rescue sells a great cleaning fluid that they’ve spent years developing. The solution comes in a spray bottle for added convenience and will leave no residue. It’s a 200 ml bottle that only costs around $10, and each round of cleaning takes about 6-10 pumps of the fluid.

If you prefer quality over quantity, this is no big deal, but if you’d rather buy a bigger bottle, you might have to look at a different brand. However, this is an alcohol-free anti-static solution that will definitely give your records a long lease on life, so it’s worth it. You also get a microfiber cloth, which is a great deal for only $10.


  • You get a nice shine on the records after cleaning
  • The cloth included can easily be tossed in the washing machine
  • Your records will sound much better
  • Cloth is very effective at picking up dirt


  • Better for light cleaning than the heavy stuff
  • Instructions could be improved




  • 17oz/500ml bottle can clean up to 2500 record sides
  • Deep cleaning solution
  • It contains water, propylene glycol, stearyl phosphate, etc.
  • Nozzle included for the bottle
  • It can also be used to clean the stylus

This is a well-packaged record cleaning fluid that comes in a minimalist-looking gray bottle. If you’re sick of ugly cleaners cramming up your storage room, this does the job very efficiently. It’s a refillable spray bottle, so the solution can be quickly discharged on your vinyl, and a 17oz bottle will cost you about $24.

There are cheaper variations available, but this is a good one to go for. It can be used to clean all kinds of vinyl records, including the delicate shellac types.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Ingredients used are clearly spelled out
  • Has anti-static agents
  • Works great on old records


  • A large bottle is a bit pricey
  • No microfiber cloth included with the large bottle
  • Some customers have reported a film on the vinyl


KAIU VINYL + best record cleaning fluid


  • $15 for a 6.75oz bottle plus accessories
  • 12×12 microfiber cloth included
  • The solution cleans dust, fingerprints, and other kinds of dirt
  • Anti-static cleaner
  • A high-quality silicone mask included protects vinyl labels

Kaui’s record cleaning solution is available at $15, but it’s not just a record cleaner that you get at that price. This is probably the best record cleaning fluid you can get. That’s part of a great kit because it comes with a microfiber cloth and a silicone label protector so you can shield your record labels as you tidy up the records.

The record cleaner itself is pretty potent and also alcohol-free and will surely help to enhance your audio fidelity. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, Kaui offers a money-back guarantee too.


  • Great for freshening up old records
  • Tackles static buildup
  • Microfiber cloth does the job well.


  • There are cheaper record cleaning fluids if you only need a solution
  • Instructions could be better




  • It comes in a black bottle with a white screw top
  • Great for restoring and maintaining records
  • 1.25oz per bottle
  • It can be used with any cleaning cloth you have available

Finally, this is a pretty affordable bottle of cleaning fluid from Vinyl Styl if you’re looking for a quick and cheap solution to your dirty records. It’s just $8 for a 1.25oz bottle and is great for cleaning up your LPs. You can use it with any wet pad or microfiber cloth, though no cloth is included. It’s a great product for increasing the lifespan of your vinyl, and it’s quite cheap, so it’s not like you’ll miss the dollars!


  • Cheap
  • Anti-static
  • Deals with any record noise
  • Nozzle-tip cuts down on waste


  • No extras or accessories, just the cleaner
  • Better quantities would be appreciated
  • It might be better to use in conjunction with a kit


Your record collection attracts dust over time, which is why you need to buy a cleaning solution or fluid to clean and maintain it. Like any other turntable accessories, vinyl cleaning solutions are something that every turntable user must-have. So now that you have planned to buy, I advise you to go through this quick buying guide to get some idea of what to choose.

Check The Expiry Date:

Most record cleaning fluids and solutions come in bottles of different quantities. And these bottles’ quantities might range from 3 to 9 ounces, where some bottles have an expiry date. You need to check the product’s expiry date because some solutions and fluids tend to lose their effectiveness after a particular time, so it is recommended to check the expiry date.


You can find cleaning solutions sold by various brands in the market. You can get both affordable as well as an expensive ones. The choice is yours. But still, I ought to mention that the affordable cleaning solution also works effectively, and just because this solution is expensive doesn’t mean it works very well. For this reason, you must consider the price factor.


Remember, vinyl records are very sensitive, and cleaning them with some random cleaning solution can damage your record. So it is recommended to choose the ones that is free of chemicals.


So there you have it, you should now be up to date on some of the best record cleaning fluid products out there. It sounds a bit dull, but if you love your vinyl collection, you know how important preservation is. You can’t just own the records and show them off, and you have to dedicate time to cleaning them and keeping them in mint condition.

These cleaners will all help you do that, and since they’re all less than $30, there’s nothing here that will break the bank. Even if you do end up with a product you’re not satisfied with, it’s hardly going to be a financial loss. So go ahead, give some of the best record cleaners out there a try!


1. Is It Okay To Clean Vinyl Records With Alcohol?

No, I don’t recommend cleaning your vinyl records with the help of alcohol. This is because alcohol can easily damage the PVC. Also, you must avoid using toothpaste, steel wool, and flammable liquid but use a record cleaning solution.

2. How To Use Microfiber And Clean Vinyl Records?

Using a microfiber cloth is pretty easy. All you need is to take the cloth and gently wipe it on the record in a circular manner first. Then soak the cloth in distilled water and again wipe it again in a circular manner, and then use a dry it using a dry microfiber cloth.

3. Does Vinegar Damage Vinyl?

The short answer is Yes. Vinegar easily damages vinyl, so it isn’t an ideal cleaning solution. This is because vinegar can damage the recorder’s porous surfaces. You can see some people recommending it, but I don’t and have also stated why.

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