How To Connect Turntable To Soundbar Easily

This article is all about how to connect a turntable to Soundbar. But wait, is it possible to connect a vintage device with modern technology? Let me answer it.

As you know, turntables have made a comeback not long ago, as vintage fashions have propelled them to new heights once again. Just because they are old-school, doesn’t mean it is entirely detached from the modern era.

How To Connect Turntable To Soundbar

The turntable is quite a complex device in its constitution, but it guarantees extremely precise music playback. Many of these devices also include modern features, such as USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity. Some models of vinyl record players also include speakers, which makes them compact and more portable.

With smart features, updated designs, and today, the turntables become a truly modern device. Now, The connection might seem tricky, but it’s completely possible, and we are here to explain everything you need to know about how to connect Turntable to Soundbar.


It is important to understand what type of audio signal you are dealing with. The output audio signal from the turntable is different from the output signals of CDs and other music devices.

Let me put it simply. The modern audio deceives that we use today emit the type of signals known as LINE signals. These signals are 100 times stronger than the output signals produced by turntables. The type of signal the turntable emit is known as PHONO signals.

Since these signals are weak when compared to the modern speakers, connecting the turntable’s phono output to the modern speakers or Soundbar. And it processes only LINE signals, which will produce very poor audio quality.

Hence, to avoid poor audio quality and to get a proper amplified audio output signal, the turntable’s phono output signal must be converted into LINE signals. Only then can it be processed by modern audio devices, including your Soundbar.


Before we proceed with the connection process, we will see what are the possible ways to connect turntable to Soundbar. Now you know that it is important to convert turntable phono output into LINE output and to ensure the sound amplification, you will need a device called Phono Preamp.

This device will convert the turntable’s phono signal into LINE signals which can then be provided to the external Soundbar or other speakers.

How To Connect Turntable To Soundbar

Luckily most of the turntable models manufactured today have an in-built preamp. If not, you need to get a separate phono preamp, or you can use a receiver integrated with the phono preamp.

So here are possible ways to connect a turntable to Soundbar,

  • Using Turntable With Built-in Phono Preamp.
  • Using Soundbar With Built-phono preamp to turntable Preamp.
  • Using External Phono Preamp.
  • Using Bluetooth Turntable.
  • Using Regular Turntable With Bluetooth Adaptor.


Check the backside of the turntable, where you can find a switch labeled as PHONO/LINE. This indicates that the turntable is integrated with the preamp. If your turntable has an in-built preamp, then the connectivity will be really simple. The same setup process can be applied to connect the turntable to stereo amplifiers.

  • Switch the button to LINE mode to turn ON the Phono preamp.
  • Now using the RCA cable connects the turntable and the LINE input on the Soundbar.
  • Play the record and listen to your favorite music.


Follow these steps in case your turntable and Soundbar don’t have a built-in preamp.

  • Connect your turntable output to phono preamp input using an RCA cable.
  • Now connect the phono preamp output to Soundbar input using another set of RCA cables.
  • Choose your turntable as the source on the Soundbar and play the record.
  • phono preamp to turntable.


If you want to add a classic rich and warm vintage touch to your music experience, get yourself with a phono tube amp suggested here.


  • If your turntable doesn’t have an in-built preamp, you can choose a Soundbar that has an integrated preamp.
  • Connect one end of the RCA cable to your turntable and the other end to the Soundbar’s PHONO input port.
  • Choose your turntable as the source as phono on the Soundbar and play the record.


Turntables are analog devices, and they provide analog output signals. Most of the modern soundbars, speakers, and other audio devices today are equipped and featured with digital I/O ports like USB, HDMI, TOSLINK, etc.

To make its connection possible, you need to get a soundbar that includes analog AUX inputs. The connection is pretty straightforward.

If your turntable includes a phono preamp built-in, then set the PHONO/LINE switch to LINE mode and connect the turntable to Soundbar’s AUX input port.


Almost 90% of soundbars today come with Bluetooth connectivity. Sonos is the only exception I know. If both your turntable and Soundbar have Bluetooth connectivity, then the connection will be more simple, and you won’t need any cables.

The connection is just like connecting your smartphone and speakers with Bluetooth. However, the process might differ from device to device. So we recommend you use the user manual of your turntable and Soundbar to know how you connect them in “pairing mode.”


As we mentioned earlier, almost 90% of soundbars are featured with Bluetooth connectivity, but most of the turntables don’t. In this case, if you have a turntable without a Bluetooth feature and a soundbar without an analog AUX input, then the best possible way to connect them is by using a Bluetooth adapter.

The purpose of the Bluetooth adapter is to turn a regular turntable into a Bluetooth turntable. Connecting the Bluetooth adaptor is quite easy. All you need to do is connect the analog output to the adapter and the adaptor, in turn, wirelessly transmits the sound signal to the Soundbar.


Connecting a turntable to a soundbar or speakers is a common practice for most audiophiles because it’s an easy way and quick to increase the sound quality of your audio system. However, we have provided you with five possible ways to connect the turntable to Soundbar. I hope this article is useful for you. If you have any better way to connect the turntable to Soundbar, feel free to share with us.

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