How To Fix Record Player Playing Too Fast Issue

A record player is a treat to your ears as long as it is working properly, but many times, the RPM of the record player increases, which causes the record player to play music fast. Now, before jumping into the solution, you need to ensure that the problem really exists because sometimes you might find issues where there aren’t any. Doing this can save you a lot of money, as fixing a record player is not cheap.

Record Player Playing Too Fast

To ensure that your record player needs fixing, you will need a calibration tool. Nowadays, calibration tools are available online that can help you prove your hypothesis. Once you are assured that there is a problem with the record, the next step is to find the reason causing that. There can be three main reasons causing the belt drive deck to spin fast and hence, four different ways to fix that.


Record Player Playing Too Fast

1. Speed Switch Malfunctioning

Sometimes, during long-term usage, the speed switch can get dirty, and it can cause the records to play fast. Due to this, the speed switch can be subject to some internal issues wherein the switch shifts way more to one direction. When this happens, it can send uneven signals to the motor, causing the record player playing too fast.

Record Player Playing Too Fast

To ensure that the problem is with the speed switch, play the record and while the record is playing, manually shift the switch and look for changes in the speed of the record.

If the record speeds up, you can go with the following two options to fix the switch.


It is the better option because it ensures that the problem never happens by addressing the root cause. But, for replacing the switch, you will have to take it to a technician who is professed into the trade or do it yourself if you have the required knowledge and confidence.


It is way easier than the above-mentioned remedy, but it might not be the permanent solution. In most cases, this will work as dirt is the main issue behind the speed switch malfunctioning.

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to clean your stylus needle. Regular cleaning will keep your stylus in optimum condition and prolong its lifespan.

2. An Issue With The Turntable Belt

Record Player Playing Too Fast

The main issue with the turntable belts is that they are made up of rubberized materials. Just like any other belt with long-term usage, the belt tends to get stretched out, which causes the record player to malfunction as the belt gets repositioned into the wrong position.

Even the reposition of the belt just by a few millimeters affects the efficiency of the record player as it puts pressure on the parts.

The only possible solution, in this case, would be to replace turntable’s belt altogether. But before changing the belt, read the provided manual carefully, as every record player is slightly different.

3. Affected Calibration

The other issue which is quite common is the problem of calibration. With constant usage over long periods, the record player’s motor tends to change speeds slightly, which causes the player to play fast. You can easily figure out a calibration issue because the change is going to be very subtle.

Though these all might sound technical, the best part about this issue is that it is quite easy to solve.

For solving this issue just go through the manual as all the manuals have guidelines for adjusting the turntable speed. If your record player has screws, then you can simply turn them clockwise until the sound recalibrates itself.


Record players are great pieces of machine which provide you with some respite and peace after a long day of work. Considering this, they are an important part of the life of people who own them, and that’s why we hope the above-provided remedies for record players playing too fast and you were able to fix your issue.

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