Victrola vs Crosley – Which is The Best Record Player?

Victrola and Crosley are both popular entry-level brands in record players. They manufacture highly affordable, and advanced turntables that you can use at your home. These turntables have decent audio quality and give you a retro feel.

Honestly, they are very similar in terms of pricing as well as the sound quality; hence choosing between these two brands gets difficult. Nevertheless, I will anyhow distinguish them and find out which brand is perfect for you.

If you are thinking of buying a mini, portable record player for yourself, then go through this post to know more details about their specifications.

Crosley record player Vs Victrola

Victrola and Crosley are two amazing brands that produce multifunctional audio models equipped with modern features. They still prevail over some differences that make them stand out from one another. The major factor that distinguishes them is sound isolation. Victoria has better sound isolation property as compared to Crosley.

Crosley does have a few feet but is not as good as Victrola. Another thing that sets Victrola apart is the pitch control that cannot be seen in Crosley turntable models. So far, Victrola seems to be the winner of this race, but we will explore more differences and then decide which is more suitable for you.


The technical specification and features are nearly the same in both brands. Most of the models from Victrola as well as Crosley includes similar specifications, so there is no way you can favor anyone over the other;

  • Built-in speakers: Both Victrola and Crosley have built-in speakers, but the number of speakers provided varies from model to model. The common thing between these two is both the brands use YD3412 amplifier circuits for their 4 Watt speakers.
  • Speed: Both the Victrola and Crosley turntable models offer three-speed functionality at 33, 45, and 78 RPM.
  • Bluetooth technology: Victrola and Crosley both have Bluetooth functionality so that you can connect your PC or phone and turn your turntable into Bluetooth speakers.
  • Output: For better sound production, you get RCA cables to go along so that you can also connect your powered speakers and play louder.


When it comes to sound, I think Victrola can defeat Crosley. I am not saying Victrola is outstanding or has superior sound output but the sound coming from Victrola is much clearer than Crosley. In addition, the instruments and voices are very clear when listened to on Victrola. This is because most Victrola models have wide speakers and driver magnets which justifies their sound quality.

Both the record player brands are entry-level, which means they are cheap and mediocre in every other aspect. So I cannot say that both the brands are perfect in terms of sound production, they do have an audio foundation, but Victrola has better feet than Crosley.


When it comes to connectivity, both brands are good. Each of them has Bluetooth technology RCA output, and some models also have a CD player. In any of the portable Crosley or Victrola models, you would get any of these connectivity options.

Both have RCA connectors on the rear side of their turntable so that whenever you wish to connect external speakers, you can do that easily.

You can use either connector your powered speakers, amplifiers, or receivers as well. Connecting external speakers is optional in both brands as the built-in speakers produce sufficient audio output. I do not recommend connecting external speakers as any of the brands are great in terms of sound quality, and on top of it, if you connect external speakers, the sound will have no difference.

Also, you cannot connect powered speakers via Bluetooth, but can connect PC, Laptop, or smartphone and not headphones or speakers.


Design is the main reason why people love Crosley and Victrola over other brands. They have the cutest range of portable record players that are best to keep at home for external decor and also useful in listening to vinyl.

The Crosley and Victrola both have similar designs and perhaps similar sizes in all of their models, so it’s pretty hard to identify differences between them.

Victrola vs Crosley

But the thing that differentiates them is their layout and texture. When compared, all I can say is Victrola has a better design, buttons, knobs, mesh design on the speakers than Crosley. No matter the design, one thing is sure you will fall in love with the range of colors they come in.

Build Quality

Just like their design, their build quality cannot be distinguished because both the brands have a similar quality, mechanics, and structure. They both fall under the cheapest price category, so the build quality is anyway compromised when you compare them with other expensive and high-end record players.

Build quality also determines the longevity of the product; well, in this case, I cannot be certain either for Victrola or Crosley to last for decades.

User Friendliness

In this parameter, I can say both are equally good. Being similar products, no point distinguishes them in terms of their use. They are very easy to use, and if you don’t understand anything, you can always refer to the user guide or related videos to see the use mechanism.

But overall, I think they are extremely user-friendly with the setup, connecting to the power source, placing and spinning the records, etc. The thing that also makes these users friendless is their portability. They can be carried anywhere at any time.

Tracking Force

More tracking force is bad for your records. Well, both Victrola and Crosey have tracking forces of more than 5 grams. This is the factor that determines the amount of force your turntable stylus is putting on the record.

Most high-end record players have a tracking force of not more than 2 gm which means your records are safe to use.


Crosley and Victrola are suitcase-style case-style record players having their own pros and cons. Is Victrola better than Crosley? If I were to vote, I would recommend going for Victrola for better build and sound quality.

Now that you have noticed the difference and similarities of Crosley vs Victrola, it is clear that Victrola is the better option to buy. However, you can tell me which one you would choose? Crosley or Victrola in the comment section.

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