What Is Turntable Vinyl Crackle? How To Fix It?

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How To Connect Turntable To Speakers Without Receiver

Is it possible to connect turntable to speaker without receiver? Well, yes, you can. The receiver act as an amplifier that generally helps to get better sound quality. The advantage of using receivers is it allows you to switch between various audio inputs like CD, AUX, TV, and much more. It is because of this … Read more

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How To Clean Turntable Needle In 2 Minutes

The slightest dust or static electricity can considerably affect the sound quality of a turntable, which justifies that one should clean and maintain the turntable regularly. Cleaning the discs can benefit you, but you need to adopt a few techniques. Cleaning kits, stylus cleaners, or carbon fiber brushes are some of the possible solutions. So … Read more

Difference Between Turntable And Record Player

If you are a music fan and a vintage lover, you will succumb to the charm of the record player and TurntableTurntable. This device used to play music has delighted several generations. Today thanks to the prowess of technology and several years of testing, it is back in fashion with improvements that make it modern … Read more