Turntable Belt Replace – Step by Step Guide

Turntables are differentiated by their motorization. The most common is the one with a belt drive that allows the turntable to turn. So the vinyl turntable belt is one of the essential elements which guarantees the operation of the device.

If you face any problem with your turntable’s spin, most like the issue must be with your turntable belt. The belt will snap or wear down over time. So a vinyl user should know – When and How to change the vinyl turntable belt.

Turntable belt replace

The turntable belt replacement process might be complicated for beginners, specifically if you don’t know how a turntable works. In such a case, it is recommended to read the user manual to avoid any confusion about the whereabouts of turntable elements.

However, In this article, we have simplified the belt replacement process for you. So you will be able to make the appropriate adjustments for the perfect speed and sound.


The vinyl turntable belt has the advantage of absorbing engine vibrations and avoiding unwanted noise. The turntable belt is subjected to wear and should be replaced regularly. The belt manufacturers even suggest not to wait until they are worn out before changing them.

The period of use depends on several points and, in particular, on the composition of the belt. Even if you don’t use the device often, the turntable belt may wear out over time. Indeed, it has a predefined lifespan. Once the deadline is reached, it will no longer be operational.

However, you can still use it once or twice before changing it permanently. Depending on the resistance of its materials, a vinyl turntable belt can be used for several hundred hours and absorb a large number of vibrations.

So once this accessory is not in shape, the turntable will no longer be operational. Still, there are times when it isn’t down but isn’t as good as it used to.

The lifespan of vinyl turntable belts depends on their type and also on their brand of manufacture. Indeed, some models are more durable than others. But nowadays, they can last for several years with little maintenance and a limitation in the frequency of use.

However, it is better to buy a replacement vinyl turntable belt after two or three years of use in the event of a sudden failure.


With a high frequency of use, the vinyl turntable belt can effectively relax and no longer be operational. This is particularly the case for turntables that are used in nightclubs or during the day.

Turntable belt replace

However, we are not going to say that it will not work anymore, but the sound quality will be at its lowest. However, in some cases, the turntable belt can fail even with low usage.

This can be remedied by leaving it intact for a while. However, this is a solution that is not for the long term. So, you will have to think about changing it anyway after some time.

Nowadays, manufacturers choose to opt for very flexible vinyl turntable belts to ensure a high frequency of use. It’s convenient for marketing.


The vinyl turntable belt can actually fail after a few shocks and stretches during maintenance and cleaning of the unit. When it is broken, it must be changed immediately so that the turntable is operational again.

Although it is very solid, this situation can still happen depending on the case. For this, it is necessary to take some precautions during its maintenance:

  • Avoid shocks and stretching,
  • Thoroughly clean the dust that affects the performance of the vinyl turntable belt,
  • Thoroughly clean each part.

It will be easy for you to have a performance vinyl turntable belt for quite a while with this. Now you know when to change a turntable belt. However, if you notice a problem with the sound quality, consider taking this possibility into account. It is very easy to change it, or you can ask your dealer to do it for you.


broken – turntable belt replace
When it comes to repairing or replacing something, you will need the necessary tools to perform the task. Similarly, the following tools will make the turntable belt replacement process simple.

Turntable belt replace
  • Old belt to measure and identify the exact model, so you can buy the new best as the previous one.
  • Tape to measure the length of the belt.
  • Flat-head screwdriver.
  • A strobe disc to test the turntable.
  • A lint-free microfiber cloth or cleaning brush to clean your record player

Make sure to get the new belt and all the necessary tools before you start the process.

Step 1: Unplug the turntable from the power source.
Step 2: Remove the mat on the platter plate by lifting it up.
Step 3: Remove the round plate by removing the two screws that hold it to the turntable. Lift the tray up to expose the belt.
Step 4: Remove the broken belt.
Step 5: Slide the new strap over the center hub/ central shaft. The belt should fit snugly around the edge under the shelf. Pull the belt over the motor pulley.
Step 6: Put the platter back on the turntable, and insert the screws to hold the turntable in place.
Step 7: Place the mat on the platform.

Now you have replaced the turntable belt. It’s time to check and adjust the speed of your turntable. Place the strobe disc on the platter mat and test the turntable speed. Make sure to maintain the turntable and vinyl records more often.


We have given you every detail on when and turntable belt replace. Remember that the steps mentioned above are significant, so make sure you handle them with care.

Check for your turntable’s model to determine whether or not this replacement process is essential. Depending on the make and model of vinyl turntable belt that you choose, you will benefit from products with great technical qualities. These characteristics obtained by ingenious materials allow you to considerably improve the transmission and the sound reproduction of your turntable.

If you have any confusion when performing the step, it is advised to check the user manual. I hope this Turntable belt replace article is helpful for you.

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