Turntable Belt Replace – Step by Step Guide

Turntables are differentiated by their motorization. The most common is the one with a belt drive that allows the turntable to turn. So the vinyl turntable belt is one of the essential elements which guarantees the operation of the device. If you face any problem with your turntable’s spin, most like the issue must be … Read more

How To Replace Needle On Old Record Player

When using turntables, there is one unavoidable thing that is usually constant pain in the neck. It is the needle or the stylus, as many people would like to call it. While most parts of the turntable are pretty durable, the longevity of the needle will vary depending on how much care you give it … Read more

Best Way To Store Vinyl Records Perfectly

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How To Play A Vinyl Record Easily

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What Is Turntable Vinyl Crackle? How To Fix It?

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Vinyl Record Sizes – Detailed Guide

In this digital era, where most of our music is played through media streaming apps, the Vinyl record has its legacy. Its history dates back to 1878 when Thomas A Edison made improvisations to the Phonautograph, which allowed people to hear music for the first time. What makes vinyl records still relevant is the love … Read more

How To Fix Record Player Playing Too Fast Issue

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How To Connect Turntable To Speakers Without Receiver

Is it possible to connect turntable to speaker without receiver? Well, yes, you can. The receiver act as an amplifier that generally helps to get better sound quality. The advantage of using receivers is it allows you to switch between various audio inputs like CD, AUX, TV, and much more. It is because of this … Read more

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